Tuesday, June 30

Explosions in the Sky | Live & In Person

The other night I was trying to remember who it was, or how it came to be that the Austin, Texas band Explosions in the Sky came to grace my ears... it was sometime in 2004 and I was living in northern California. Alas, I fell in love...

Flash forward to March of 2009 one afternoon, I see a notice that tickets go on sale in 10 minutes for their upcoming concert in Los Angeles.... PURCHASED IN THE OPENING MOMENTS.

Flash forward 3 more months as the tickets just sit on my shelf waiting to allow entree to an amazing evening of melodic noise that will be like no other.

Flash forward to you reading this post now....... this past weekend I got to finally attend the June 27th Explosions in the Sky concert at The Palladium with my girlfriend Georgette. It was everything and more... the sound was so full and powerful, the songs were magnificent & breathtaking, plus four very grateful bands members that appeared ecstatic to see a sold out crowd in a large venue. The music took over that night and will never be forgotten.

This is a recording I made of the concert that night.

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