Saturday, June 13

The Mars Volta Live - Ventura, CA 6.09.09

This past Tuesday evening, June 9th 2009, I had the pleasure of attending quite the musical event.
But there was more in the air this particular night than just (insert amazing musical description).
This music event in particular was special for many reasons.

The fact that my dear friend Andrew Lauerman(TheDudeAbides|he's here) came of age on this particular evening, as we all do once a year. For a celebration though, what better way then to have an eight person adventure out into the Ventura night, in wait for a musical frenzy of sounds.

In the past few months I have been attending quite a few concerts... and for my own enjoyment I have been recording them from where I am at in the audience. These records are not on par with any live audio mixer by any means, but still enjoyable.

Disc Two is missing one track due to tech difficulties.

If you were part of our group that night and you download and listen the audio of the concert, there is a little something for you all.

Shout out to Los & Easy Ship for rocking along side that night.

This Mars Volta concert was the most intimate experience of the other four times I have attended their performances. It truly was a unique experience to hear great classics as well many new songs off their upcoming, Octahedron. My favorite is hear all the jam portions of their songs... in particular the last 5 mins of
their closing number is a mean jam build with Cedric singing lyrics to 'Bullet' by The Misfits.

Download the free audio above, it's worth it.


ViviendoEnVivo said...

i get here searching for mars volta's shows and i didn't expect to find Octahedron songs performing live!

i will download the show right now

thank you for the upload!
Greetings from Chile

GagMeWithASpoon said...
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