Saturday, December 20

The City of Love

I'm going to to try and get back into posting more often b/c I used to be much better at it... I also know some people are feeling 'creepy'.

So here we go.

Recently Collin and I have been to San Francisco and been housing a Canadian for some time. I'm gonna give you a little visual insight into our trip up north. I managed to get up to Rohnert Part to see my friend Laura and then got down to the city for a couple nights to see Nelson and Kristen. I must say this was the most I embraced the city in all my visits...

Between 28th, Howards, the Muni, Shamrock, the Good Idea couch, Trenados, 901, Nelson falling asleep in his beer, and Collin sleeping on the balcony in the wind... good times.

[click picture to enlarge]