Monday, July 6

Spread it Around - Cinematic Orchestra

*!*Please take a moment to push play on the video and just listen to the music while you read the post. Don't worry about watching at this time... the music will take you there.

Even though music overwhelms a large portion in my life, I find it hard to put the right words together into these things called 'sentences' to describe the harmonious noise that permeates the airwaves around us.

Here is a gem I just found. One of my favorite musical groups, The Cinematic Orchestra, performing an and amazing song. Guaranteed to be good background or enjoyed entirely. Please take a moment to listen. There is a link below to an entire hour of live music from this performance.

Follow this link to see the entire set: HERE

1 comment:

Shannon Green said...

After pressing play to let the musical geniuses of Cinematic Orchestra come to life through my computer, I am now relaxed.

great song.