Tuesday, March 23

ODDSac - Hollywood Premeire

Cinerama dome - Los Angeles, CA

Danny Perez directed, visual album teamed with Animal Collective

An all-encompassing experience that is not quite for everyone, but for those few... it's the bees kneees. Coming to DVD soon & select cities for one near you... maybe.

Monday, March 1


Been stocking up on things to write about b/c life has brought one great adventure after another lately. Shown below was the first adventure that arrived... my good friend Adam was in town with friends after an extensive road trip throughout California. They emerged from their wooded home in Trinity County & managed three major cities (can you tell?).

[click to enlarge]

Some great hiking in the Los Angeles hills led to some delicious BBQing at the home that night, with a rousing game of Monopoly. You know it.

Friday morning at 6:30am Adam & friends took leave to their next California destination while I pressed on to another day of work. Alas, this Friday night brought on adventure number two. Some friends & I found our way to a new destination in Los Angeles, the
Roberts & Tilton Gallery.

As seen above, it was the opening night of skateboarding legend, Ed Templeton's photo exhibit, The Seconds Pass. Collaged in frames across the white walls were years of photos Ed has taken from the seat of a car looking out. Many told stories of fleeting moments, while others seemed to be poised ideas.

Sunday brought us to a Southern California tradition...
beach party! My friend Max is moving back to upstate New York to live on a farm, so what better way to leave California for the opposite extreme than get outdoors & into the sand.

Good times were had all in all at Point Dume that day. Cheers to Max on his further adventures.