Wednesday, May 19

An Education in Brewing

This past week Georgette & I got to attend a rather interesting class on the art of home brewed beers.

There is a great shop down in Los Angeles called Culver City Home Brew. Two nights out of the month they offer a "How To" class on brewing your own beer at home.


The store speciliazes in all the materials needed & multitudes of ingredents for all styles of brews. Both guys at the store were friendly & personable. Especially our teacher who stays around till ten at night to finish up the class for us all newbees.

The class was taught around the shop over the course of three hours or so... which learning that night, is about how long it takes a very experienced person to set up a brew to ferment.

Alas, the store offers various starting kits to get any home brewer going. Myself you ask? I had to pass only due to vacations coming up... but that will be in time.


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