Sunday, September 27

100th Post - Spread the Music

I'll admit I have been a little distracted lately... I have a new creation that is taking off a little, little bit. Lights & Sound is up and waiting for you to pillage its free concert audio download!

I felt it proper timing to spread my blogging wings a little more, this being my 100th successful post on Day in History via... Just take a look back to my first mile stone.

Went off to Amoeba in Hollywood today with the company of Georgette & Collin. I was determined to purchase some good vinyl vibes of the reggae persuasion.

The Wailers Live: Talkin' Blues
King Tubby: Lost Treasures
Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Don Drummond: Best of

Friday, September 18

Flaming Lips Friday

It would appear that it is Flaming Lips Friday. On this day, several new Lips oriented musical adventures have been brought to my eyes & ears. I want to share them with you...

FIRST... and my favorite!
At all the tour stops on this previous Lips tour, the venue recorded the show & the audio was then emailed to each person that purchased a ticket. Well... today, on Flaming Lips Friday, I have the recording from the night that Georgette & I attended AND I have it uploaded so you can get it for free at link below. This was definitely one of my top ten shows on all time to attend. Thanks Georgette!

Ponoma, CA - 8.18.09

SECOND... If you would like to hear the newest Flaming Lips album for free! ColbertNation has it on the main page, top left. Streaming all eighteen tracks! Really amazing new songs.

THIRD... Colbert sat down and talked with Wayne, lead singer of The Flamings Lips, they had a good chat about one of their most prolific songs
Do You Realize. The band goes on to play a great new song live.

Thursday, September 17

Morning Sesh

Filmed this by myself the other morning...

Wednesday, September 16

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Pouya
[he's in the front]

Monday, September 14

The Getty on a Sunday

*click any of the images for enlargement*

There is this small window of time each week. This time is greeted with serene spontaneity & brings a new adventure each week... this window is Sunday.

On Sunday the thirteen of September, my girlfriend embarked on her first visit to The Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It began with a stop at the bakery down the street for morning nourishment & then off.

There were many new things to see this time around. We spent a pleasant afternoon walking about & seeing most of the exhibits before time took it's toll. Alas, it was a great morning spent.

Above, portion of a french landscape drawn by Van Gogh. At the top is a small field in a Monet painting.
Below are Irving Penn photographs I appreciated.

Saturday, September 5

Hostel Living

Just over two years ago, I spent sixty some odd days as a traveler. Each day involved a new journey & something amazing new to see, but it also made me aware of my surroundings in a completely unique way. With each day, brought night & a need for a place to rest our eyes. This was where a new world of hostel living entered my life.

Venice Beach Hostel & Hollywood Blvd Hostel

Recently though, I have been noticing around many of the places I frequent here in Los Angeles there are second and third floor hostels in areas I had never even noticed before. I found myself looking up to the windows, barely catching glipses of rickety bunk-beds & kaki clad Europeans on adventures of their own.

Alas, looking up into those same windows I can see my past experiences. The times when I sat on the edge of my bunk, looking out of a forgein window, down at a magnificent city I had only read about in books, or out at the Jungfrau at the foot of the Swiss Alps. I was there. Ready to explore.

Above is a picture of the hostel I stayed in while visiting Interlaken in Switzerland. I only hope the travelers today are enjoying my city as much as I enjoyed theirs.