Saturday, June 27

Summer has hit LA

With Father's Day behind us, Summer has taken Los Angeles by storm... or more of a dry smoggy preheat. I found myself in shorts and t-shirt at 7am today... not to shabby. This past week I spent Father's Day at the Pasadena Chalk Festival with none other than my Father, Mom and Georgette. It was a magnificent sea of colorful chalk and people with over 200 entries strewn about the sidewalk in 8x8 squares. Below are a couple of my favorites (click on the pics to enlarge, amazing detail)

The truth was really upon me that Summer had arrived when Collin (@theEasyShip) and I found ourselves atop a Reseda bluff in Topanga State Park ready to push off with a dirt board under our feet and sweating our asses off in full gear. Alas, our christening runs went smooth as possible with no injuries & GREAT TIMES. Some footage coming soon...

Lastly, Friday nigth was spent grooving to Balance & the Traveling Sounds at the Knitting Factory! SOULHIPJAFUNK streaming from the amplifiers, bellowing out of the sax, tearing down the roof.

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