Saturday, May 23


So I'm not gonna die *phew*
but seriously, no worries.

This past weekend I spent a night and morning in San Diego to see a heart specialist... needed to take a look into my health. Everything checked out ok in the end, turns out I'm abnormaly normally unique. But, if you want to take a look inside me check out this video I took of my echocardiograph below! (what is echocardiograph?)

*In the video you will see a real time image of my heart being while the video is being filmed. Displayed upside down on the screen, the bottom portion of my heart is shown on the top of the screen with the larger of my heart on the bottom of the screen & two main artierys running vertically on both sides. Then with each heart beat you can see two valves open and close to allow blood in.

America's Past Time... Unfortunately.

First of all, Happy Birthday to Virginia!
Good times all around with many friends. Though not being a fan of baseball to any degree, going to the games in person is truely a good time. This was my second Dodger game and it truely is a unique expereince going with some really dedicate fans... and by that I mean shouting, taunting and throwing food like no other sporting events I have been to. Alas, it was all in good fun and we all had a wonderful time. Here are a couple moments captured through the night.


Wednesday, May 20

Jeremy Promised


It has been far to long since a post and that needs to end. It seems that after I graduated I became less diligent at updating and that is a shame... so let's get the show back on the road.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a day with my good friend Kristen who was down in LA from her home in San Francisco. Being an art history major and working towards a masters it was only appropriate we go to one of my personal favorites in LA, the Getty! Besides them raising the price on parking it was a great afternoon. It is always the most interesting time going with Kristen to b/c she knows SOOO much about the history and little nuances of the paintings... even the myths behind all the Gods interactions. I got educated in the life of Vulcan and the love affairs of Venus...

After the musuem we headed for 3rd St Promenade and had a couple drinks plus a little shopping to round out the day. Definetely a good Friday... hopefully we get to see each other again soon.