Saturday, December 20

The City of Love

I'm going to to try and get back into posting more often b/c I used to be much better at it... I also know some people are feeling 'creepy'.

So here we go.

Recently Collin and I have been to San Francisco and been housing a Canadian for some time. I'm gonna give you a little visual insight into our trip up north. I managed to get up to Rohnert Part to see my friend Laura and then got down to the city for a couple nights to see Nelson and Kristen. I must say this was the most I embraced the city in all my visits...

Between 28th, Howards, the Muni, Shamrock, the Good Idea couch, Trenados, 901, Nelson falling asleep in his beer, and Collin sleeping on the balcony in the wind... good times.

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Friday, August 22


In the last month here in Los Angeles, California we have had significant natural phenomenon going on... more than usual that is for sure. I am not quite sure why, but all these events seemed that have occurred around the same general time.... with pictures to capture most the moments:

1. 5.4 Earthquake mid day while trying to move out of our three story apartment
2. Week long meteor shower that we caught the peak night for in the mountains

3. Lighting storm with no rain (2nd most lighting I have seen in my life)

[click to enlarge photos]

this one has me in it twice (star & on right)

Monday, May 26

Grads, Grads, & More Grads.

Los Angeles to SLO to Rohnert Park to SLO to Northridge
Thursday May 22 - Sunday May 25
1115 miles
Rougly 26 hours sleep over 4 days
2 parties
2 gradautions

Great Times with Good Friends

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Thursday, May 22


more to come soon.
heading to the north bay...

Sunday, April 13

Isla Vista with an old friend...

Some of you may know that a good friend of mine, Collin Cates, was in Argentina for quite some time traveling and enjoying life to the absolute fullest.. well, he is finally back in the States and he has made his was to LA this weekend to hang and enlighten us to the adventures that was his 3 month journey...

However, this weekend was special b/c both Collin and I had plans to make our way up to UCSB for a night of art enlightenment and in search of a good ol' Isla Vista time. We met up with our host, Sean Keany (Collin's good buddy from high school) and made our way that night out to see his senior art showcase. His pieces turned out to be great and were an amazing take on a original classic. Much Respect Sean.

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More Keany Work

Party 1 Party 2 Party 3