Wednesday, July 27

Hermit Falls Rock Jump

Went to Hermit Falls the other weekend with many friends & many more southern Californians. Estimated at around 35 or 40 other people enjoying the sun & the falls.


Cold water with a great splash. Everyone had a great time all around. This is a must again soon.

Tuesday, July 26

Horse Flats - BBQ Mission

Bit of a late post, but fun to look back all the same. Last month my friend Andrew had the supplies for a beach bonfire, but no pit. So what do we do? Take it to the mountains. Barley hitting an hour outside of LA, we found ourselves backing into a campground at Horse Flats for what was going to be a wonderful bbq dinner amongst the trees.

Hours passed & a wonderful sunset bathed us with light at 6,500ft. Food was devoured & a few good adult sodas were enjoyed. With no intention of staying the night, we said our goodbyes to mother nature & head back down the windy Angeles Crest Hwy to Los Angeles. All around a successful evening mission.

Monday, July 18

Leona Valley Wine Tasting

Few weeks ago Georgette took me out for a great afternoon of wine tasting in a little corner of Los Angeles I never knew existed called Leona Valley. With a great deal from Groupon (hint hint, do again!) we were set for a beautiful scenic canyon drive out to the small town in the north east part of southern California to Leona Valley Wines.

With several great glasses of wine & a hand baked, wood fired, gourmet pizza to compliment them all we thought the afternoon couldn't get any better. While deciding how green we were to wine tasting, one of the two owners came over and sat with us out of the blue & chatted for sum time about the history & their wines. Really driving home the great experience. Only to be topped off with up front horse petting & total free range to roam the vineyards. Guaranteed to be bringing friends back.

Tuesday, July 5

Beauty CULTure


Too many good free things to do in LA... well, this place cost $1 to park. Not to bad. At the Annenberg Space for Photography there is always an exhibit & a wonderful multimedia presentation to compliment the content. Recently opened, Beauty CULTure. Focusing on women in the eye of the world, media & advertising.

The multimedia doc was extremely powerful for this topic. The photos then helped elaborate on the story as the viewer wonders the rest of the halls. Well worth an afternoon trip... then maybe go to Diddy Riese Cookies.

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