Tuesday, July 28


I'm glad to say that participating in new media that is Twitter & NPR I was fortunate enough to be introduced in to David Lynch's latest spectacularly odd creative ventures. This time around, teamed with various musicians, Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse leading the way, come to create a full length album that would lead to be Lynch's inspiration for an elaborate display of photographs, which would come to represent each individual song.


Case of the Monday's >>>> I was lounging on the couch and felt a bit down for just sitting about. So I went for a skate through the neighborhood. Low and behold after about seven minutes of rolling I spot a new little challenge ahead... roll, pop, through the aiiiir, snag! i got caught up apon landing & became flat with the groung & the asphalt. Mending once again... this reminds me of that one time on 2008

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