Saturday, May 23


So I'm not gonna die *phew*
but seriously, no worries.

This past weekend I spent a night and morning in San Diego to see a heart specialist... needed to take a look into my health. Everything checked out ok in the end, turns out I'm abnormaly normally unique. But, if you want to take a look inside me check out this video I took of my echocardiograph below! (what is echocardiograph?)

*In the video you will see a real time image of my heart being while the video is being filmed. Displayed upside down on the screen, the bottom portion of my heart is shown on the top of the screen with the larger of my heart on the bottom of the screen & two main artierys running vertically on both sides. Then with each heart beat you can see two valves open and close to allow blood in.

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the_dunce said...

checking for heartbreak... hardy har har!