Wednesday, May 20

Jeremy Promised


It has been far to long since a post and that needs to end. It seems that after I graduated I became less diligent at updating and that is a shame... so let's get the show back on the road.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a day with my good friend Kristen who was down in LA from her home in San Francisco. Being an art history major and working towards a masters it was only appropriate we go to one of my personal favorites in LA, the Getty! Besides them raising the price on parking it was a great afternoon. It is always the most interesting time going with Kristen to b/c she knows SOOO much about the history and little nuances of the paintings... even the myths behind all the Gods interactions. I got educated in the life of Vulcan and the love affairs of Venus...

After the musuem we headed for 3rd St Promenade and had a couple drinks plus a little shopping to round out the day. Definetely a good Friday... hopefully we get to see each other again soon.

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the real mia said...

I love the Getty. It was a toss up for my wether to go to the Getty Center or the Villa. It was a no lose situation.