Sunday, July 8

Kelly's Camp Solo Backpacking Trip

Took off for a one night solo backpack trip to see a camp I had never been to yet, Kelly's Camp under Bighorn Peak. Looking forward to some solitude midweek. Kelly's camp is a high altitude camp from the 1920's that had several structures which strong willed city dwellers could hike to, but enjoy a "some-what" modern dwelling. 

| Video of my trip, click the play button |

All that is left today are a a few foundations & the imagination that this open corner in the woods has been enjoyed by thousands over the years.

I have done a portion of this trail up to Icehouse Saddle, but not the final push off to this portion of the mountains towards Ontario Peak. Trying to keep my pack weight down for a one person trip I managed 28 lbs with food and all. Knowing there would be water I opted to carry minimal water and filter along the way at the few springs. Trying to hike smarter, not harder.

After the almost 2700ft, 4 miles uphill climb to Icehouse Saddle I was sweating up a storm. After a break I took one of the 4 trails leading out from the saddle towards Ontario Peak. This was the new portion & it sure was stunning. The views of Baldy are well worth the extra .25 you could walk on this trail to get out of the trees.

Met a good man named Casear that worked for the Duarte Parks Dept and his son, Sean, out enjoying the woods for the night as well. Being the only gents in the woods that night, it was welcome to chat every so often.

The bugs during the day looked pretty bad, but the cool temps of the night & the 8,000+ elevation helped them subside. Morning sun had not crested before I opened my eyes, laying there deciding on if I should hike to the ridge for sunrise.

Around 4:55am I made the choice to get out of my sleeping bag and start getting ready to hike in the dark to the ridge. After a steep, dark, enjoyable hike I came upon a site that was well worth getting my butt out of bed.

| Since this trip, I returned the GSI Dualist & opted for a Snow Peak Titanium Solo Kit. Dropped almost two pounds |

After spending some time shooting video & photos, Caesar and his son showed up to enjoy the site of the clear sunrise towards the desert, with Los Angeles covered in a sea of clouds. In hindsight, I should had breakfast before heading out, I could then have pushed to one of the two summits.

All in all it was a great trip in the woods. Seeing some new areas of the forest & getting to know a bit more about myself in the process.


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kleinds said...

Looks like great fun! I might have to check this place out. Thanks for posting this.