Wednesday, May 9

Secrect Stairs - Laurel & Hardy Steps (Music Box)

Poised & patient, above our group rests mid flight on one of the many sets of staircases on the Music Box Loop. An obvious LA favorite, or at least I had heard the most about this walk before doing it, was an enjoyable one that looses its travelers deep in the Silverlake hills... or so it feels that way.

Starting near the familiar Silverlake Lounge, great underground rock venue, Collin dove in reading off the history of the beginning of our hike. We were in store for a famous set of stairs that co-starred in an Academy Award winning short. More of that later...

Mostly finding elevation on roads, we came to the first set were a nice woman who knew exactly what this large group was looking for, the stairs. We all traipsed down the set, which seemed odd to head down for the first set and north on an old divided road.

This was an especially fun hike b/c we were able to share this one with two new crew members, Kenny & Mario. Both have been good friends for sometime, just hadn't been out hiking the stairs with us yet. You'll learn that Kenny is one tough dude, carrying excess weight on our backpacking trip the weekend before (write up on that soon!)

| Bottom of  Laurel & Hardy Steps |

At the bottom of the first impending uphill climb there is a plaque to honor this specific set of LA elevation. The stairs co-starred in a Laurel & Hardy short film that won them an Oscar! The case looks a bit different in the short, but it was just as challenging.

Moving deeper into the neighborhood I had lost the general direction of our car for a while, this is when you know it's a new area of the city. Wandering the twisting hillsides of Los Angeles has truly become an enjoyable outing.

This walked turned out to be a great mix of long segmented flights and shaded street sections. The resting spot during the flight pictured above was a welcomed abode for our group.

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