Friday, May 25

Hollywood Sign Hike w/ Londoners

Isn't it fun when people come to visit? My long lost 'across the pond' friend Peyman, who hosted myself while traveling Europe, & his good friend were visiting from London for a few days. We had seen Venice, had drinks & done other various bits and pieces through the city. In an attempt to get out of the hustle, while still right in the middle of it, we made a trip up the trail to the famous Hollywood Sign.

We set out at the teramis of Beachwood Dr amongst the gnarliest cluster of cars I have had to navigate just to hike. After a good ten minutes spinning my car 360 degrees a couple times, we were off at the pace of any person that is not from America.I joke, but travel anywhere else & we are a slow bunch on foot.

This was a short 45 minute walk, consistently uphill on dirt fire roads. I would most certainly say to check out directions on the internet b/c the trail does change course a few times onto different fire roads. We jokingly laughed about tourist who would be hiking all through hills and never find the sign in the mid summer heat w/ no water planning on an easy jaunt.

Then sure enough, while coming back down the trail, the day was getting warmer & without fail, hoards of tourists in jeans, polo shirts and sandals slowly making their way around the first steep sections of the trail. Smiling and knowing what they were in for, we just kept on.

Hopefully the time my friends spent in Los Angeles was a good one, however after SLO & San Francisco I know it's hard to live up to it in just 3 days. However, they really got to see all the corners of the city and look down on it from the ceiling. Best wishes and say travels to you two!

PS. No trip to LA is complete for me w/o a picnic at the Hollyhock house, looking out over Hollywood and the greater LA.

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