Thursday, April 14

Outdoors in Montecito

This past weekend some great friends & I got to take a mini vacation to the Montecito area of California. This small, southern town is marvelously dotted with multi-million dollar estates sprawling across the foothills of Los Padres National Forrest.

The dudes & I swapped stories while enjoying our comfy settings with some drinks in hand. We also worked on a plan for the next days adventures.

This particular vacation was a bit of a whirlwind. I had spent the day of departure at work since 2am... and didn't hit the bed that night in Montecito till 2:30am the next day. Spent close to 27 hours awake.

Our eventual plan was to take a scenic drive through the foothills, winding us through the country. Collin & Pouya were taking us to a previous hike they had traversed in the past, but they had said there was much more water in the river this time around.

The five of us set out on our trek, following the Cold Springs Trail along the river, deep into the canyon foothills. Switch backs for some portions of the trip, while other sections allowed for long gradual inclines up a shaded hillside.

There are several route choices along the way that will result in different destination outcomes. We opted for a trial that would take us up to a lookout of Montecito & Santa Barbara.

The trails prove to be mostly covered with a small, slow elevation gain that kept the workout at a good level. Connecting with a fire road that ran along the rim of the foothills, our trail popped us out right on the edge of the hills looking down on small towns, huge estates & the Santa Barbara harbor.

Every time I am invited to spend some time in Montecito I am totally awe struck by the wealth & lifestyle that is pursued in this small area of California coast. It also reminds me of how thoroughly thankful I am to have such great friends to share amazing experiences with.

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