Friday, September 18

Flaming Lips Friday

It would appear that it is Flaming Lips Friday. On this day, several new Lips oriented musical adventures have been brought to my eyes & ears. I want to share them with you...

FIRST... and my favorite!
At all the tour stops on this previous Lips tour, the venue recorded the show & the audio was then emailed to each person that purchased a ticket. Well... today, on Flaming Lips Friday, I have the recording from the night that Georgette & I attended AND I have it uploaded so you can get it for free at link below. This was definitely one of my top ten shows on all time to attend. Thanks Georgette!

Ponoma, CA - 8.18.09

SECOND... If you would like to hear the newest Flaming Lips album for free! ColbertNation has it on the main page, top left. Streaming all eighteen tracks! Really amazing new songs.

THIRD... Colbert sat down and talked with Wayne, lead singer of The Flamings Lips, they had a good chat about one of their most prolific songs
Do You Realize. The band goes on to play a great new song live.

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