Saturday, September 5

Hostel Living

Just over two years ago, I spent sixty some odd days as a traveler. Each day involved a new journey & something amazing new to see, but it also made me aware of my surroundings in a completely unique way. With each day, brought night & a need for a place to rest our eyes. This was where a new world of hostel living entered my life.

Venice Beach Hostel & Hollywood Blvd Hostel

Recently though, I have been noticing around many of the places I frequent here in Los Angeles there are second and third floor hostels in areas I had never even noticed before. I found myself looking up to the windows, barely catching glipses of rickety bunk-beds & kaki clad Europeans on adventures of their own.

Alas, looking up into those same windows I can see my past experiences. The times when I sat on the edge of my bunk, looking out of a forgein window, down at a magnificent city I had only read about in books, or out at the Jungfrau at the foot of the Swiss Alps. I was there. Ready to explore.

Above is a picture of the hostel I stayed in while visiting Interlaken in Switzerland. I only hope the travelers today are enjoying my city as much as I enjoyed theirs.

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