Wednesday, May 29

6 Peaks Overnight Trip - San Gabriel Mts

Setting up a car shuttle for a backpacking trip means two things, it guarantees whatever trip has been planned is of good quality & it is going to make everyone so damn anxious to hike from all the driving it is incredible.

 photo DSC_0220_zps78833f15.jpg
| Standing on top of Middle Hawkins Peak, looking into Crystal Lake Basin |

Carlos & I were real lucky to have three new people from San Diego to spend the weekend with us on a new adventure in San Gabriels. Our plan was to head out from Islip Saddle & tag six different mountain peaks before ending the next afternoon at Vincent Gap, a small south bound portion of the PCT.

 photo 20130518_125114_zps39e5e3b0.jpg
| Day 1, heading towards Little Jimmy Camp & Mt. Islip |

After all the mountain driving we were walking the usual 2 miles to Little Jimmy Camp, always gets people breathing quickly on those few switchbacks away from the highway, soon to be tucked away in the forest on the north flank of Mt. Islip.

 photo 20130518_164729_zpsb28845c5.jpg
| Admiring views into Crystal Lake Basin, heading towards Mt. Islip |

Within a short time we had wished a few thur-hikers a good journey on the PCT & pulled off to Little Jimmy Camp. I could say this camp is a local favorite, but when you show up & there are literally 35 to 40 tents (think two people per tent!) littering the possible acre of land that the camp encompasses it is more of a so cal hot spot! This would be our 5th trip to the camp and only one other time there wasn't two or more boy scout troops. This must have been five or more different troupes.


Hightailing it for the upper reaches of the camp, the five of us found a small basin that blocked all the sound from the circus below, but lay only 25 ft from the nearest scouts. One of those moments when Mother Nature works out just right. After filtering some water & setting up camp, we were off the grab our first summit. The hike up to Islip was really nice, once around a couple bends in the trail the views open up into Crystal Lake Basin & on to Middle & Sadie Hawkins Peaks.

 photo DSC_0190_zps5e2196c8.jpg
| Historical remnants on Mt. Islip & one of tomorrow peaks in background |

 photo MtIslip_zps5cff183a.jpg
| Peak 1 - Mt. Islip 8,251ft |

Day hikes had brought me to many of these summits, but this overnight trip was a chance to link them all together. This was the first time in the Gabriels for two of our friends, so they were amazed to say the least at the views of the surrounding mountains. The old hut was an added bonus for the experience. I enjoyed the expanse east, observing our goals for the next day.

 photo DSC_0193_zps3459b724.jpg

Back down at camp the plethora of mixed dinners started to reveal itself & all methods ensued. I enjoy one night trips for many reasons, but experimenting with food & different cook styles is always a good time.

 photo 20130519_132043_zps9e2e7f21.jpg
| Day 2, Getting leg work in off trail |

A lot of the motivation for this trip came from the fact that I hadn't seen a couple of these guys in several years, but we had grown up together in the San Diego area. The time we spent sitting around that eve, laughing about everything under the stars, was really the experience I was looking forward to.

 photo 20130519_135642_zpseba089b0.jpg

Through the night the wind had picked up & was pulling & pushing at all the pines overhead. Waking early we all set about getting packed & walking. We had something like 11 miles to cover & five more summits to stand atop.

 photo DSC_0219_zps0b7c8c19.jpg

I wish I had the poetic penmanship of Muir or the legendary hiking tongue on William Thrall, but I will attempt to describe the invigorating zealous that Mother Nature was bestowing upon our humble walking group. What I could only imagine starting as a slow creeping breeze, barley able to move the hot Mojave sand it blew over thousands of feet below, was now a salubrious torrent of blasting wind that made us sway & waiver on the rocky trail. I don't feel that everyone enjoyed the experience as much as me, but those first few hours of hiking will forever be etched in my mind.

 photo DSC_0223_zps8b791eb6.jpg
| Peak 2 - Middle Hawkins Peak 8,505ft |

Dropping our packs behind a large fallen tree, we all snagged some water, our cameras & we headed south along Copper Ridge for Middle Hawkins Peak. Not labeled on all maps, but it's one over 8,000ft that we need to stand on.. those were my first thoughts, but the views from this peak were truly unique. The rock formations along the upper ridge like are real interesting with great places to sit on the summit, looking our towards Mt. Islip from the day before on one side & Mt. Hawkins on the other, our next goal.

 photo DSC_0232_zps4fe92dcf.jpg
| Peak 3 - Mt. Hawkins 8,850ft |

Before dawning our packs we chatted with another PCT hiker, she was on day 26 and was aiming to take care of the San Gabriel section in four days. Nice! Climbing now to Mt. Hawkins was the days first real work it seemed. A bit steeper trail & then a longer spur trail to the actual summit. Once again, another group photo & three peaks down. Later I would claim this as my favorite summit of the trip, but in reality while writing this, it was Middle Hawkins.

 photo DSC_0234_zpseac98e3e.jpg
| Peak 4 - Throop Peak 9,137ft |

The next peak on the list could have possibly been achieved a bit easier with some further research. The natural trail to the summit of Throop Peak takes you past the peak only to switchback uphill at a junction the same direction you came from. Lots of plants covered this particular mountain, so there may or may not be a way to climb it's western slope from the PCT. It could have saved some time or could have been a futile effort (for another time).

 photo DSC_0230_zps816b7a37.jpg
| Mt. Baldy, West Baldy, , Iron Moutain #1, Cucamonga Wilderness peaks in the background |

 photo 20130519_120405_zps734e33f1.jpg
| Throop Peak one way, PCT another, Dawson Saddle the other, Baden-Powell our way |

Scarfing down various lunch meals from our perch on Throop, we could see our final two summits off in the east, Mt. Burnham & Mt. Baden-Powell. All five of us felt renewed after lunch & ready to tackle the heavy elevation loss, before gaining it all back heading straight up Mt. Burnham off trail. My morning's love affair with the hollowing wind had faded, now a benign breeze accompanied the strengthening mid day sun.
 photo 20130519_131913_zps45a34515.jpg
| Desert thousands of feet below |

Flashing another group photo on top of Mt. Burnham we spent the least amount of time here, our final & sixth summit was within reach & everyone still had smiles. Let's keep walking. Straight up the spur trail on the ridge of Baden-Powell, everyone walked slowly to their own victory at the top. Carlos & Dave plopped down on the monument while others walked off in search of views into the East Fork. We had made it to our final summit.

 photo DSC_0235_zps7b8b9fba.jpg
| Peak 5 - Mt. Burnham 8,997ft |

 photo 20130519_125551_zps180cbe6d.jpg
| Our group heading towards Mt. Baden Powell. Look closely, below center for people |

The patient switchback journey down Baden-Powell was a bit of torture after having so many trails just go one direction on this trip, either up or down. Now back to the anxious car shuttle business, everyone wants a burger & beer at this point, but we have to go get the other dang car. More patience back in the modern world.

 photo DSC_0236_zpsfea18640.jpg
| Peak 6 - Mt. Baden-Powell 9,399ft |

All in all, it was fun to wander the San Gabriels & have some old friends create new memories amongst our local gem.

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Brandon Stevens said...

Do you have a gps route for this? would love to see it

JDB said...

Hey Brandon,

I do have this mapped out at the link below. It's not from a GPS we took, it was more or less an outline to share when planning. Thanks for reading!