Thursday, October 18

Secret Stairs of June

So here's to a hot month with good friends dedicated to exploring our fair city. I know this post comes late, but it combines two different outings into one, so the reader has more photos to enjoy.

 If there is one thing ingrained into my mind about this walk months later is... "sweating". One time prior we attempted this loop & took a wrong turn, never completing our true objective. This time we were determined to have success.

With careful navigation we made it up to the numerous steps & onto the upper reaches of this thin mountain neighborhood.

 Curving slowly back down, we made sure to double check at each switchback turn to come out with a full work out on this trip.

The second adventure was an old walk with an old friend, for the first time. My friend Keith drove up from San Diego to take some photos & catch up on life.

We dove into the Alta Loma Terrace walk b/c it truly is one of the top five in the book. This was the fourth time walking the long shaded corridors & marveling at the 1930s elevator that accesses the neighborhood. This time was different b/c someone had photocopied & blown up the walk we were on!! (photo above)

After the standard walk we ventured across the street & circled Whitely Terrace for a bit more exploring. This was a really unique neighborhood with steep staircases. The photo below is looking at Alta Loma Terrace from Whitely Terrace. One of the more beautiful views in the cluster of Hollywood.

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