Monday, August 6

Catalina Island Family Vacation

The swift moving jet stream style boat skated across the Pacific Ocean towards Catalina Island with many eager passengers aboard, the Boggs family included. With a few summer days set aside for a new destination of fun all planned out.

We landed just before lunch & were booked on what would be the most heart pounding part of the weekend. Casey & I walked out of the small coastal town to the base of the new zip-line course that zig-zagged down one of the many canyons.

After a hilarious & informative safety course the group of ten or so head out for the first line. Heart pounding I waited my turn, watching Casey go first, it was then my turn. All strapped in, deep breath & one big step... the video will do better justice.

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We wandered the town in the warm summer eve, seeing the shops & enjoying the smell of the ocean.

The next day was slated to involve more outdoor fun. After delicious waffles, the family headed for sea kayaking around the northern portion of the Catalina harbour. The coastline is so rugged even in this small portion, I can only imagine what the more desolate regions of the island look like.

After a hearty lunch, the men set out for some snorkeling. Renting some wetsuits & gear, we walked off to a close protected harbor that was teaming with all different color fish. Bright blue fish would make an appearance here and there, making for the most spectacular surprise.

With some more wandering that evening, the family found a few small north island neighborhoods to walk & a couple neat intimate plazas.

The last day we took to the back-country to see & learn more about the Island we had been enjoying so much.

All strapped into the decked out Hummer, our guide sped away up the side of the harbor, slowly gaining elevation out of town.

We bumped along the edge of a dirt road, learning about the ealry history of the island & all the small neat facts about the flora & fauna.

At one point we stopped & got a sweep panorma of the island & a Q/A about anything we wanted to know. It was curious to learn about the fresh water situation on a dry island.

Jumping back in the Hummer, we edged along an even more narrow portion of the road, looking now to the west facing side of the island. Moving deeper into the terrain, our group was in search of Catalina's infamous buffalo that roam the back-country.

Gliding downhill back to the town we took in spectacular views of the town that had given us so much entertainment over the past few days. This small harbor town really could turn out a wonderful summer time for families of all ages.

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