Thursday, June 28

Secret Stairs - Santa Monica Workout

This is a well deserved write up that has been waiting for some time. This was a genuinely great Secret Stairs hike that never let up with beauty. Myself  & Georgette were joined by another new member to our Secret Stairs hike, Wendy.

Starting near the north western portion of Santa Monica & wondering back into the rich ($$$) foothills of Santa Monica. Within the first half hour of the hike we crossed several staircases that hosted a good 30 fitness buffs of all ages running the steps & doing various work outs.

Following the guides in the book was necessary, this was truly a place I had never been in LA & had won me over before half the hike was over.

Becoming more lush with green landscape, the homes & their owners putting on a silent show for the passerby's.

Like I had mentioned, Wendy got to join us for her first time & was in awe that we weren't really walking through Big Bear. We had dropped down between to canyons following a lite river with home lining both sides w/ dangling green trees all over.

Circling around amazingly, we carefully followed the last narrow staircase (above photo) to the view (below) and could not believe all the lucky folks that called this area of LA home.

Till Next Time.

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