Monday, March 5

Ansel Adams & A Look at Downtown

 This Saturday we didn't Run To The Hills to get outdoors, we actually hopped the metro with our skateboards & headed for downtown Los Angeles. The Red Line is a beautiful thing, endless forays into Hollywood, Silver Lake, & downtown at every stop. There is also lots of good tourist watching along this route.


Choosing a metro stop close to a scenic part of downtown & allowing for a proper skate to the exhibit, the three of us set off through the streets. Navigating all those enjoying the wonderful March weather in sunny so cal. Managing a few stops along the way to snap a few silver gelatin stills of our own.

Finding the next watering hole above. Eventually Carlos would order the most exotic mixed drink I've ever tried. Something with chili peppers in it...

The exhibit at Drkrm Gallery was quite interesting. A collection of 30 some odd photos from a FORTUNE Magazine commission in 1940. Ranging from Lockheed Martin Plant photos in Burbank, to locations along Venice beach. It was neat to see these photos together & to take in the gallery in such a way that Ansel would be experiencing these photos... somewhat on a weeks stay with another photographer friend. We see photos of that family, the Lockheed plant in their neighborhood. Then groups of day trips to other regions of LA, just planned out to get certain shots for a magazine spread. Just my take on viewing the photos as a larger collection. Almost a city vacation for the photographer from the Sierras and the desolate landscapes that were Adams legacy.

A little bruised with a fair amount of road rash, but still smiling above. I didn't get any shots inside the gallery, but the first photo in this post is a shot from the outside, looking in, with many reflections, if you click to enlarge the photo it may be interesting to see the levels.

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