Tuesday, February 14

Secret Stairs - Old Hollywood Hills


Abound and venturing through the twisting narrow lanes of the Hollywood Hills has become nothing new to a few of us Angelinos. Over a year ago I reicieved as a gift from my Mom, a wonderful book that has taken myself & lucky friends to hidden LA neighborhoods that only a select few ever glimpse.

Spending the afternoon in the "orginal" Hollywood Hills of the 1920s, just east of the 101 Fwy, we are met with wonderfully restored old mansions, with small cottages tucked away inbetween the stoic beauties.

Above is a wonderful example of the winding streets that are carved out of the hills. At times it seems impossible for such early engineers to construct and develop such lofty roads above the city's hustle and bustle.

Truly these hidden glens and valleys of the eastern part of Hollywood have afforded some of the most pleasant neighborhoods we have seen yet. They are always free of cars and often don't see many people even walking throughout the neighborhoods due to the steep inclines. The hideen staircases are the best way to travel.

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