Friday, September 30

Afternoon Drive through the Hills of LA

(click any photo to enlarge)

Sometimes it only takes a little motivation to really make the most of an afternoon. The above picture can attest to that, it was taken only 25 minutes off a major highway. With a little planning & some good friends, the road will take you anywhere. If you enlarge, see if you can count the number of ranges in the picture. Truly, this was an great afternoon.

Only a few small hints on this one... Look off 101 for Addamsville Rd (neighborhood st) heading West towards the coast. This was by far the most unimproved & exciting trip yet. Eventually getting so deep into the hills it was blocked off.

 Our second mission was along the ridge top of Piuma Rd. A smooth drive with spectacular views, both inland and out to the ocean. This road really brought out the road lovers. There was people at each turn out enjoying the view after about 4pm.

With a little hidden winery back in the hills.

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