Saturday, June 18

Horse Flats - A Second Journey


After only four days back in Los Angeles, after Georgette & I's frozen over night adventure... Here I was. Circling Horse Flats Campground again with Carlos Flores this time.

With such a close proximity to LA, any drive up Angeles Crest Highway is going to be a great time out of the city. With any number of hikes that will take you to peaks over 6,000ft or to hidden valley waterfalls.

Carlos & I took a similar route as previous & were thrown into a whole new experience.

Hollyer Peak - Angeles National Forest

Station Fire 2008 burned large portion of the Angeles Nation Forest. While crucial to a forest natural growth, it leaves an interesting trail in its path.

With another great hike behind us, grilled pineapple cheese hamburgers in our stomachs & the fire at our feet, we set in for the night.

All throughout the night Mother Nature tested us in a completely different way than just four days prior. Hours before bed the clouds blew into our campground at 5,600ft & proceeded to cover us with 'heavy moister to light rain' all night. Waking to a beautiful morning, but a chore ahead of us.

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