Monday, March 28

Secret Stairs - Alta Loma Terrace Again

Many of the recent posts on the blog have been chronicles of the adventures had while searching out new neighborhoods in Los Angeles via the book Secret Staircases of LA.

However, this time was unique b/c the people who gave me the book for Christmas last year got to finally join us on a hike, my Mom & Dad.

After about thirteen or so missions into the hills, we decided that the most unique neighborhood we've seen yet was Alta Loma Terrace in Hollywood. Tucked away behind the Hollywood Bowl, this neighborhood is a walk only with no access to cars.

Started in the 1920's, this neighborhood in the hills relies on a private elevator shaft (above), that takes residents from the lower garages, built into the hillside, up to their bungalow style residences.

Along this hike you pass a Frank Lloyd Wright creation, the Samuel Freeman House. This was the first visit I made to the house where there wasn't a car parked out front. Being a little more darning now, the family explored the front yard & peeked into the narrow windows of the outer walls.

Following the long, narrow, overgrown corridors of foliage and hidden homes we became overwhelmed with the hidden qualities of this neighborhood. There is even a home designed by Lloyd Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright's son that shares the hillside.

Thanks Mom & Dad for the book! It will bring many great adventures.

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