Monday, January 24

Secret Stairs - Hollywood

There is this great book out right now called Secret Stairs: A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles. It is an urban adventure all it's own.

The book is filled with over 30 step by step guided tours through scenic neighborhood, involving great architecture facts & history of the surrounding area. Along the way, lots of staircase hiking.

Taking three of us this particular evening, on a wonderful journey through one of the original planned neighborhoods for Hollywood... nicknamed here Hollywoodland. Exploring the neighborhood just north of N. Beachwood Dr.

Many of the planned routes will take the traveler on a winded journey up a flight of stairs, but is well thought out by the author, a walk through the narrow streets of the terraced homes before the adventurer has recouped for the next flight.

[this home is located in Silver Lake, CA]
Another adventure into a part of Los Angeles I've never experienced... till now. More to come soon.

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