Sunday, November 7

Eaglefeather on a Saturday

It's happened again... many great memories have piled up on my hard drive without being share with my digital friends. Alas, recent events have brought about a new post... involving Frank Lloyd Wright.

I had only recently discovered that there was a 1940's Frank Llyod Wright designed house hidden away in the north Los Angeles hills. Tucked away, just off Mulholland Drive, Eaglefeather sits on many acres across the top of a bluff.

Designed for Arch Oboler, an early Hollywood radio & film celebrity. The property, like all Wright designs, encompasses elements from the surrounding areas, as well as working in unison with the landscape. The house can also be seen in Oboler's film Five.

On this visit, it appeared that the house is being restored by an unknown person. Sneeking onto a small portion of the property allowed for a few good images. Plus a birds eye view from the driveway across the street.

Here in 2010, the land almost seems as untouched as in 1941 when first inhabited by the Oboler family. The property looks out to the Pacific Ocean & this day, looks east to vineyards & Mullholand's expansive & scenic drive.

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