Sunday, December 20

Missle Stations in LA

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Collin, Georgette & I spent a nice Sunday afternoon hanging around a non-operation missile station. Decommissioned in 1966, the United States Nike Missile Guidance Facility LA96C is now the best scenic point I have been to since living in Los Angeles.

Hidden off the beaten path of Mullholand drive, deep in the San Vincente State Park one can find extensive fire road hikes with passing Los Angelians of all kinds. The photo below has an excellent last sentence that cracked me up. Reminded me of the show Lost as well.

The hike to the actual towers is not very strenuous in any way, but it is quite a site to marvel once at the station. There are several viewing areas w/ tables & benches alike to relax & spend an afternoon.

My favorite part was being able to look out to the mountains & see the first snow covering Big Bear & the surrounding mountains. It was then possible to turn your head to the right & look out over the Pacific Ocean & on out to two smaller islands off the coast. Miraculous!

From this point there are several other hikes & bicycle routes to take.
And remember, "WE WILL BURY YOU."

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carlosauresrex said...

great find, i'll be checking it out sunday.