Monday, August 24

X-Games Meets Poncho

Last week's vacation was pretty much the greatest (see below post), but this week is shaping up to be pretty good as well. On Monday, my roomate and I went and saw the new XGames 3D movie. It's only out for a week so get to it before Friday! Below is a still of one of my most favorite and innovative skateboards of our time, Mr. Bob Burnquist.

To see Burquist's switch BS180 the mega ramp on the big screen was worth the $16 alone.

It was quite the show of athletic ability... I found myself wondering about the difference in atheles in this modern world. There is the classic sports, such as baseball or basketball, that have seen a proven decline in viewership and participation, but still the individuals seem to make millions of dollars. When on the flip-side you have the ever increasing individual sports like snowboarding, surf, and skateboarding that make so little to get by b/c so so many corporate ties have burdened the sport. I mean really, why do YOU think they added snowboarding to the Olympics years back? Beacause viewership was down...........

Anyways, on to Tuesday's fun....

Streaking underground, carried by two rails, some friends & I were off to Hollywood & Highland for Wine and free Latin Jazz. However, this was not just ordinary latin jazz. It was the grooves & rythms of one of the best in the world, Pancho Sanchez. By the end of the first set there was a decent two or three hundred people watching the event. Good times were had all around.

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