Wednesday, February 4

Through the Looking Lens | 2005-2008

SLR Photos that have all be taken starting around August of 2005 and running through October 2008! So there is many more to accompany these, but I just really enjoyed these the most and thought they would be best shared. More single & different photos on Facebook soon. Enjoy.

click on the photos to enlarge to the true size

Apt 314 Zelzah & Lassen

October 20th, 2005
On Set 2005
Taylor King Norhtpoint Era

Fall 2007 - Apt 21 | Dan, Brett, Bolex

Pouya's Getaway | Jon, Pouya, Steve

Apt 21 | Brandon, Collin, Andrew_Jeremy_Jon

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the_dunce said...

i dont know what camera ur using here.... but i absolutely think its got the best look to the photos ever. hook me up with details pls